My top 10 TV shows + Trailers

(Upload date= 31 January 2012)

Please note that this is my opinion, and i don’t know all of the TV-shows that are/have been on television.

My top 10 TV shows:

10- The Secret Circle 00:14 (cancelled after 1 season)
9- Game of Thrones 00:49
8- Community 01:54
7- Heroes 04:02
6- Falling Skies 06:09
5- Lost 08:43
4- Chuck 10:15
3- Supernatural 11:36
2- The Walking Dead 12:11
1- Psych 12:46

Ow yeah one more thing: I am 17 years old so if you are 30+ you propably have another taste in TV-Shows than me.

These shows theme’s are mostly comedy, action and survival

Make a comment on this video saying what your favorite TV-show is. 🙂

Music: Mt Eden- When will the storm begin

TV-Shows people have been recommending me multiple times:
Breaking Bad, Dexter, Greys Anatomy, Spartacus, How i met your mother, Prison Break, Teen Wolf, Revolution, Smallville, Fringe, Suits, Scrubs, Sherlock


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