Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau – Oh hi Mark

Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau – Oh hi Mark

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  1. It’s borderline unbelievable how well edited this is. I genuinely considered that maybe they had got Wiseau in and reshot these in a studio or something. The lighting was spot on. That Vader look was priceless.

  2. I would pay good money to see a movie starring Hayden Christensen and Tommy Wiseau.

    Their two negatives of acting would create an oscar-worthy performance or something.

  3. I just saw the movie “The Room” last weekend for the first time pure gold. I was hoping they would put the “I definitely have breast cancer” line in there but this is still amazing.

  4. The lighting in the editing in this video is so convincing. It’s so good that I will be confused when I don’t see Tommy in the next Star Wars movie tossing a football around.

  5. I met Tommy at a special screening at which he totally told us all he made The Room bad on purpose because he knew he we would all love it. He knew.

    He is truly a time traveler playing 5th dimensional backgammon. If you ever get the chance to pay extra to shake his hand, do so.


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