Mario VS Sonic: Food Battle

Mario and Sonic are competing to each other on which of their food is the best food ever! Mario VS Sonic Merch! [affiliate link] Watch me on Deviantart: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: Tiktok 🞂 Annnd be sure to Subscribe on my Channel for more Content. Check out my stuff that I […]

SML Movie: Jeffy’s TV Show!

Jeffy and Mario get their own reality TV Show! But they need to change a few things. Follow on instagram! Subscribe to the Vlog Channel! Subscribe to Tito’s channel! source

Tempura | Cooking with Cooking Mama!

** A NEW VIDEO ALMOST EVERY WEEK ** What happens when you recreate a cooking mama recipe step-by-step in real life? Find out while I make tempura following Cooking Mama’s instructions as closely as possible! It’s… not as easy as you’d think. Special thanks to my Patreon contributors! and a special thank you to: […]

Top Ten Best Meal Recipes in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has thousands if not millions of recipes, but which are the best recipes in the game? Alex has been doing an awful lot of cooking and has come up with ten that he thinks will knock your socks off. Check out our full site ■ Like us […]

7 gadgets we’re looking forward to in 2017

There’s a lot of technology scheduled to come out in 2017 that we’re really looking forward to. From the Nintendo Switch to potential bendable phones, here’s the upcoming tech that we’re most excited about. Read more: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR:

Back to Bits – Boy in Blue

Made this Megaman 3 tribute for Jerry Liu’s Back to Bits project! Finally took a stab at pixel animation for one of my favorite + super influential games from my childhood. Check out the rest of the contributions here! A lot of really fun stuff from super talented motion designers! Shout out to the […]

Lizzie and George – Rampage // Back To Bits Back to Bits is a series of animations created by artists around the world that share a passion for video games. Created & Curated by Jerry Liu Co-produced with Angela Liu Website Developed by Peter Chi Music & Sound Design by Wesley Slover Website: Twitter: Instagram – Likes: 98 Viewed: 1632 […]

Maverick Games – Animation Opening

Direção de arte – Ilustração – Animação – Sound Design Trilha: Thor’s Hammer (Sting) – Ethan Meixsell Likes: 5 Viewed: 364 source

POKEMON BANNED! – 10 Crazy Controversial Anime TV Shows

Here are 10 shocking anime shows banned around the world! Subscribe to our channel : Check Out These Other Amazing Videos: 10 Famous Actors Who Went CRAZY On Their Movie Sets 10 Famous Actors Who LOST Movie Roles For Shocking Reasons Cultural customs change from border to border, and what’s okay in […]

Player Two

B.F.A. Thesis Animation, Syracuse University “Player Two” is a short animation that explores the relationship that develops between two brothers of differing age growing up, and how video games foster that bond. Making-Of ​ Adobe Blog Featurette Recent Syracuse University Grad Talks Inspiration for Viral Short Film “Player Two” ​ Short of the Week […]