Tastes of Childhood | Nostalgic Food Memories

Just like listening to a song or a theme tune to a television show can take us back to a particular moment in time, so too can eating a particular food. Certain tastes retain a permanent place in our memories, reminding us of moments in our childhood. Today on Stuview TV, we are going to take a nostalgic culinary journey back to the past to revisit some tastes of childhood, both good and bad, that we all remember.

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  1. Hello Stu 😊I loved the cakes in school dinners but not the custard.Sometimes we would get pink custard but not a lot 😔Yes there was always prunes somewhere in school meals and home too. Angel Delight I loved loved. A few years ago I sent them a letter asking could they bring back some more of the flavours as I loved Lime flavour. Sadly they said no sorry 🙁

  2. Back in the 1980's going to high school in East Anglia, for me, being one of those poor children, with a school meals voucher, was knowing that the voucher in question, would easily cover a good large spoonful of cheese and potato pie, with onions and a large spoonful of baked beans…I don't know how these institutions managed to make their baked beans mushy, but they were much more preferable, to the lesser mushy variety, which was normally on offer at home. 🙂 I also remember back in the 1970's and 1980's Ambrosia tinned rice pudding, and Ice Magic, I could never fathom how that Ice Magic went hard like that, once it got in contact with the ice cream…….I also remember, Soda Stream drinks, I always wanted the slightly larger Carousel version, but had to make do, with the standard model, with smaller bottles…., I also remember my mum buying a yogurt maker…Although, you couldn't beat Ski fruit yogurt, as that natural stuff, was only really good for sun burn, in the summertime….I also remember, two main types of cornets for home ice cream…. Those being the flat thin wafer types, for the slab type blocks of ice cream, in a cardboard package, and the type of wafer cornets, that had squared edges, and looked like the vocal music microphones of the time…Many an instance, just before tucking in to my Neapolitan, there was me miming to a Brian Ferry track, thinking I was on Top of The Pops! 😀

  3. I would give anythin😂g to go back to the 70's. A time of pure imagination, and I find myself googling 70's interior design. Please do one of these videos. I love the vibrant orange and futuristic 70 s design. We had a sunken living room with white sofas , an avocado bathroom and brown guest toilet. I have never seen brown toilets and sinks since! Bring it on!

  4. For sone reason fish fingers turn my stomach. Also the small bottles of milk we got every day for free. Always got it warm & to this day i can't drink a glass of milk. Arctic roll & the jam & coconut sponge we had at school was lovely but the custard was hit & and miss, though. enjoyed the curry that came out of a packet & spangles sweets.

  5. Those Cadbury smash men always remind me of a strange conversation between my sisters one night as we were watching them on tv. One sister commented that "those are full size", the other sister said "well of course they are, have you gone mad"?, so the other sister said "well that's not always the case with puppets", the debate went on with each incredulous at the others comments until we realised that my other sister thought she had said "those are false eyes" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good old days!

  6. I was talking with my husband about this stuff a few days ago. I've been very unwell and have struggled to eat. I said that I could go for some of the old faves but, alas, the ones that are still around are faint shadows of what they were and taste like crap. Having been reformulated to make them ''healthy", they now resemble little more than rock hard or soggy crumbs once cooked. Crispy pancakes are nothing but a tiny amount of beef gristle lumps and water gravy in a dry crumbless shell. Fish fingers are grey plasticky tiny pollock scrapings in a soggy crumb that tastes faintly of curry because they use spices to colour the breadcrumbs. The bread crumbs are not even breadcrumbs any more. They are just rubbed together flour, water, palm oil balls. Fake breadcrumbs, if you will. Food engineering to please the do-gooders and profit margin. And seasoning, don't make me laugh. Pepper is never used and salt is banned so no flavour. I have low sodium levels and can't get any from my food cos I'm too ill to cook from scratch.

  7. I remember the artificial bright orange colour of crispy pancakes. Tasted great though. Fly pie was a favourite desert for school dinners. Some stuff was shocking though. I can remember them serving up liver one time – yuk !

  8. I'm 60 and still have fish finger butties for breakfast (or eggy bread — you forgot that one). And I still put crisps in my sandwiches. Anyone else still have nightmares about liver and bacon at school? Or that gelatinous stew with ambiguous meat that we simply called "stodge?" Then there was peanut butter and strawberry jam on cream crackers. Or maybe that's just me… Birthday treats like knickerbocker glory at the Wimpy bar with those ketchup dispensers shaped like tomatoes. Kids today don't know what they're missing!

  9. i remember in infants i was force fed strawberry trifle, it made me gag so me mam marched down to the school to kick off she was very young at the time. Srawberry triffle is one of my favourites now but i think i was in my early teens before i tried it again. ❤

  10. i do remember enjoying school dinners, and my favourite dessert was manchester tart, but i remember the custard was awful in infants and juniors it was always lumpy and tastless. senior shchool meals were the best when i could make me own choice.😊

  11. Loved crispy pancakes, angel delight and Arctic roll, so many memories wish I could go back to then.
    While my parents and family were still around. Remember dad doing Vesta meal for supper for me and him while we sat down to watch pot black.
    Still have jam and cheddar cheese sandwiches even now.

  12. I grew up in the 1980’s and 90’s and yes I remember most of those foods, some of which mum never bought like Findus Crispy Pancakes that I didn’t try until I was a teen in the 90’s, but Angel Delight we definately had, as well as Rowntrees Jelly.
    Birds Eye Fish Fingers yes we definately had those as kids and I still eat them now.
    Mum and Dad always did “Proper” mash with “proper” potatoes when we were kids and so I hadn’t tried “Smash” until just recently!
    Thanks for that Nostalgic trip it brought back memories.

  13. I thought I must have imagined the chocolate pudding with mint custard at primary school!! It was absolutely classic, so good!! I went to a village primary school with probably only 25 kids in the entire school and everybody had school dinners. Crisp sandwiches are the best!! Isn't it strange how seeing these videos and the memories of it brings it all straight back.


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