WWE 2K16 : H@LY SH!T – EXTREME OMG! & WTF! Moments Ep.27 [WWE 2K16 Montage]

Showcasing the BEST OMG!, WTF!, Glitches & EXTREME H@LY SH!T moments from WWE 2K16!

What’s your favourite moment from the video? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for Watching! ~ Samson 😉

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1. Upload your RAW, UN-EDITED clip(s) to your YouTube channel as UNLISTED. All clips MUST be in HD and not contain ANY music!
2. Send me a message! Be sure to include a link to the clip(s) and your Gamertag/Nickname for credit.
3. Sit back and relax! Making video’s takes time, be patient. Maybe subscribe to the channel and watch a few videos 😉 If your clips are accepted they will be featured on an upcoming episode of WWE 2K16 Top 10 H@LY SH!T Moments of the week!

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