1500 DOFOLLOW Backlinks for Just $25 – Boost your DA

Alim here…I visited your website recently and noticed that your website’s domain authority is very low. This is a major drawback for your site because a low domain rating is difficult to rank for almost any keyword. And you’re probably spending a lot to improve it but with little success.

Being an SEO expert, I can help you sort out this situation by creating various DOFOLLOW backlinks from higher domain authority sites. This will drastically improve your website’s DA and also your SEO ranking.

Here is my proposition:

✅ Basic Package ($25): 1500 Dofollow Backlinks with full report
✅ Standard Package ($50): 3000 Dofollow Backlinks with full report
✅ Premium Package ($100): 6000 Dofollow Backlinks with full report

** All backlinks are sent to Indexification for faster indexing. (They offer high indexing rates).

No upfront payment is required; you can settle the bill after receiving the work.

These backlinks can do wonders for your website. Would you like to give it a try?

Best regards,
Alim Al Razi
SEO Manager
Email: linkintechseo@gmail.com

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