16-Bit Memories

Growing up with 16-bit gaming meant one of two things: You were either a Nintendo or Sega kid. Christmas of ’94 decided that for me when I shredded the gift wrap hiding a Super Nintendo. The SNES showed me that games could actually look as killer as their box art and deliver even more realistic sound design with cinematic scores.

This animation is about my favorite characters and ships from my four favorite SNES games: Donkey Kong Country’s Zinger, Star Fox’s Arwings, Super Metroid’s Metroid and F-Zero’s Blue Falcon. All were modeled, rigged and animated in C4D using box art or sprite sheets as references. Sound Designer Zach Scheitlin used sound files from the games throughout his composition.

Design & Animation: Brad Cannady
Sound Design: Zach Scheitlin

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