5 Amazing Gadgets Built On Raspberry Pi

? Gadgets that Built on Raspberry Pi to create cool things, get coding & share amazing projects.

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Comment (30)

  1. "I wanted something compact, with it's own internal storage. I couldn't find that anywhere on the market."

    So they forgot about the Nvidia Shield?

  2. What is this crap, really? Raspberry pi is supposed to be used for diy projects, not so that some scammers can make easy buck with a mediocre product where they trow raspberry pi in and install xmb without designing almost anything by themselves.

  3. announcer's voice

    And that is when the humans lost all ability to act "human"… All the humans one day turned into jelly from doing nothing for the rest of their limp and lazy lives..

  4. Cheap X96 pro from ebay + an existing Hdd with Kodi/XBMC stick slice up your ass really a fuggin compute module Decoding h264 in hardware PFFTT Good luck pi……

  5. By the time I figure out Linux, the quantum computers will be sold commercially and all the previous technologies will be sitting next to the Sumerian clay tablets in the British museum. Binary systems? Logic gates? What are you, a caveman?

  6. The brick pi making robots easily all you need is to be as smart as a Rick and Morty fan, a YouTube hero level 100 and a fucking Jedi master

  7. #2 is funny as hell. Slice! You do realize you can install XBMC on a USB thumbdrive right? Way less than buying that thing.

  8. Tingbot is stupid, Slice is no longer produced, BrickPi is only useful for robotics, Flotilla is stupid, and Mycroft is replaced by Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

  9. I'd love to see some of the know-it-alls in this thread attempt to build something half as nice as slice or brick pi. It's much easier to make fun of and bitch about something than it is to actually make something.

  10. "Potential for so many exciting projects…" This is no different than figuring out ways to repurpose your old smartphones and tablets.


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