5 Awesome Gadgets #5 – Most Useful Gadgets

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This video shows 5 awesome gadgets which includes must have, very useful latest gadgets.These are unique and amazing gadgets you didn’t know.These are awesome gadgets you would love to buy.Don’t miss to watch any of them.
For More:-
1.SensorSphere: http://sensorsphere.net/
2.GeniusPipe: http://geniuspipe.com/
3.Poco SuperComputer: http://bit.ly/1Xr1kGY
4.MiGear ExtremeX Shot5: http://www.migearextremex.com/
5.LiteWire: http://kck.st/1QW56IO
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Comment (23)

  1. Sensor Sphere : educates to close the fridge, not to leave stuff boiling in the kitchen before leaving the house, not leaving garbage for the dog to play with, … all of this for only 300 USD
    Genius Pipe : smoke pot without paper and filters … great !!
    Poco : what's that for ?!?, already have a mobile …
    Shot5 : competitor to GoPro
    LiteWire : either you're Android or you're iCrap … can't be both … can't recharge both at the same time either …

  2. Litewire is perfect if you only get power from a laptop or a battery pack. But it's too short for not having the power source and your mobile in the same place and you need an adapter if you want to get the power from an electrical outlet, so it's good when you're on the go but at home?

  3. How the fuck is a cable speeding up the chargingrate if your device can only handle 1 amp 5 volt there isn't a way to charge faster what a bullshit

  4. at around 4 20 its talking about a clean healthy smoke. how is that possible? smoking is unhealthy in general there isn't a way to make it healthy.

  5. Sensor Sphere ~ Will it ELECTROCUTE intruders?….I would like to have "Terminate with extreme prejudice" mode.
    G Pipe ~ Will I be a genius AFTER smoking?
    Poco ~ I'm on my bike…I get slugged from behind (knockout game). Will it summon the PD…how long will it take PD to get to me….say in Detroit.


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