8 Bit Dreams

This is a collection of the first 375 illustrations I did as a part of my 8 Bit Dreams series. I was creating an illustration a day, based on the original 789 Nintendo Entertainment System games. I was trying to capture something about those early games. The frantic energy, the vague and suggestive graphics, the hyper kinetic sounds. It formed a sort of unified mythology, a religious codex of parables and fables.

All illustrations measure 14cm x 14cm and are rendered with black ink and watercolour on paper. Some of the illustrations are still available to purchase on my etsy store here.

The illustrations at the end are custom works that were commissioned by people during the year, the majority of them are from NES games, but there are a few ones from different sources.

Music for the video was provided by Surasshu. You can hear more of his fantastic music here.

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