Cooking Fast and Fresh with West: Episode 1

This is a simple how-to show. We take you through the simple steps of going to the store and making a fast, fresh meal at home. We hope it’s helpful.

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  1. in an au where destiel (as a ship or bros u decide) is in possession of a child
    dean behind camera
    Cas: What shall we eat, small child?
    Child: cheese! grabs four blocks of cheese
    Cas: very well, child. Put it in the basket.
    dean facepalms behind camera
    Dean: Cas, no, don’t let the kid-
    Child: CHEESE
    Cas: Dean, he clearly wants the cheese. Who are we to deny him of it?
    Dean: Cas, you can’t let him have-
    Cas, vv quiet, squatting down: is this cheese sufficient, little one? adds three more blocks of cheese
    Child: ya
    Dean: Cas he can’t eat that much-
    Cas: quiet dean we’re bonding. How much cheese, small one?
    Child: twenty!
    Cas: starts loading more fucking cheese
    Dean: ffs Cas who’s paying for this, man
    Cas and child: look at dean
    Dean: …
    Dean: I just remembered I have Sams credit card go nuts guys where’s the cheese

    That is all, thank u for coming to my ted talk.


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