Gadget Backpack with a Special Trick!

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Cocoon Slim Backpack –

This backpack features the GRID-IT system which allows you to take your gadget organization to the next level. This slim backpack also includes a padded slot for a laptop.

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Comment (32)

  1. I love your videos thank you very much I just have a question to ask you what is the best charger for your laptop on the go if you don't want to carry cords and all that

  2. I'm looking for a backpack that will let me carry tech and hold binders and textbooks (for school). Can someone tell my if this is a good purchase for my use?

  3. Would literally have to flip the bag on its side and unzip it fully to access something. I prefer eBag's side fold organizer. Accessible if folded flat or vertical and no sacrifice to quick grabs. Grid it's are only appealing to those people who want a single good Instagram shot of their gear bag.

  4. This whole backpack craze, which has suddenly been popular the last 10 years or so, needs to end! Why did people suddenly have the need to carry so much stuff with them when they aren't even hiking or traveling? People wearing backpacks have no business in crowded subways. They need to either take them off and put them between their feet, otherwise, take a damn taxi! Quit being inconsiderate!

  5. That face when you get to the airport security and they demand you to take everything out to be scanned alone in the x-ray machine…. -.-'

  6. I’ve had a couple of the bigger versions of the bag the traveller, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. My go to carry on now


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