Kecu Kritiques – Episode 1 – Metal Gear Solid 3 – Part 1

Welcome, strangers, to the first half of my first review; of none other but the amazing Metal Gear Solid 3. Still easily my favourite game in the series thus far, and one of my favourite games in general! Captions/subtitles are available. Thank you for viewing, and I hope you enjoy! ¦ }
Unfortunately, due to Vimeo limits, I’ll have to upload the second half to this review next week (likely to be 15th June 2017).

Game: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Subsistence).
Genre: Action-Adventure, Stealth.
Players: Single Player story mode; 2-8 players in MGSO.
Year: Snake Eater: 17th November 2004 – 17th March 2005; Subsistence: 22nd December 2005 – 13th October 2006.
Consoles: Playstation 2; Playstation 3; Xbox 360; Nintendo 3DS; Playstation Vita.
Publishers: Konami
Ages: Snake Eater: 15; Subsistence: 18/M (17+).

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