Secret Singapore Hawker Food Even Locals Never Tried

I tried the almost-disappearing secret hawker food in Singapore. The food is called Tau Kwa Pau and Say Seng at Dunman Food Centre is the only stall selling this Nonya-Teochew delicacy.
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It is great as a kopi treat and a gift to your loved ones. Super delicious!

After trying the Tau Kwa Pau, I was guided by my local friend Jimmy to a few spots in Joo Chiat / Katong. It was really a nice experience trying such a rare cuisine in Singapore. Definitely worth a shot.

00:00 Intro
00:35 Say Seng Famous Tau Kwa Pau
04:04 British Hainan
09:04 Gina’s Vadai
11:04 Traditional Joo Chiat Prawn Mee
12:19 Temptations Cake
12:56 Eurasian Association

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Comment (46)

  1. There is a chinese saying. 家有一老,如有一寶。 Its so good to have Jimmy in the show to tell us the unknown stories from yesteryears that even younger singaporeans no longer knows. These videos may end up in our National Archives one day. Good job Ghib, always enjoy your videos. Hope you can travel to Japan and recommend us more Japanese culture and experiences. There should me more Katong episodes, so many gems there.

  2. Good introduction by Jimmy. Now l know where to go for these old Traditional Spore dishes.

    My husband's n my favorite Gina's Vadai fritters n samosa. Temptations cake shop too. N Eurasian club. Was there when my friend brought me there. Bring back memories. Cant wait to go home.

  3. So that's where this Tau Kwa Pau stall moved to. My favorite dish. I was sad l couldnt find where they moved to. Now l know. They used to be at Katong area at the junction of East Coast Rd n Joo Chiat junction, but now its occupied by fusion western bar👎. So sad they moved them. That junction has so long history. Even their Cha Kway Teow was famous. But at least now l know where to get them when l get home.

  4. Many thanks so much once again to Ghib and Jimmy for a wonderful, hunger inducing food tour!😋
    I will definitely bring my family to incredible British Hainan and to Say Seng Tau Kwa Pau next time we are in Singapore! Without you guys, I would never have known about these wonderful places! 😊

  5. Just to take note, duman food centre is closed until February 2022. Anyways, you should also check out jia yuen eating house, just opposite british hainan. Very popular among military people, but you won't see them there cos the owner delivers his signature salted egg chicken rice all over the camps in singapore! You should also definitely check out the peranakan food around the area, it's very unique

  6. Hi Ghib and Jimmy,I come to the know that the Dunman Food Centre close for 2 months.Both of you if ever crave for braised duck rice Stella always around to cook my mother's version of it.The taste different from the hawker centre type.I bet you both will love it and after tasting it will ask for a few more round.

  7. The older I get the more I crave foods from my childhood. I’d forgotten what tau kwa pau was called and how delicious it is. Thanks for reminding me. Definitely on my to eat list if I ever get to visit Singapore in the near future!

  8. 生き字引きのようなジミーさんは歴史、文化、美味しいものをたくさんご存知ですね。長いこと住んでたのに知らない所がいっぱいで楽しみに見ています。

  9. Have you been to Pasir Panjang Food Center? If not, I highly recommend SG best chicken wings (don't remember stalls name, but it's nearest to the MRT). Many many other very nice stalls too!

  10. Hope this poem will give Jimmy and Ojisan ideas for their future walkabout videos in this particular enclave —
    JOO CHIAT AND KATONG — a diaspora assimilation
    This is the peranakan place,
    Where nonyas and babas congregated, in this south-eastern enclave,
    Speaking a mixture of Chinese and Malay,
    With a sprinkling of English, and wearing sarong everyday.

    With lots of time in these nonyas' hands,
    They modified the Chinese cuisine to the adopted land,
    By adding tropical spices and ingredients to Chinese food,
    Creating a distinct gastronomic experience that is exquisitely good.

    Pandan flavor is fused into Chinese pastries,
    Filled with grated coconuts and "gula melaka",
    In addition, created a chicken stew with gravy from a creamy nut "keluak",
    Combine glass noodles and prawns to unripe "nangka" to cook a vegetable curry,

    More peranakan dishes and pastries can be found,
    if you venture into Joo Chiat and Katong on your food trail rounds.
    TS Tan 18.12.21 @5.05 pm

  11. Just love watching Ojisan holding the taukua pow in his hand, and the chilli sauce with green chilli embedded, dripping with spicy goodness! As parking is limited, you can get the stall holder's telephone and call Jimmy (Stall holder's name too) and place your order. Tell him your car color and number plate and where you're waiting (at the front, or the side road where the back staircase is). He'll walk to your car with the change ready. Cheers.
    That's how I pick up the order.
    I have been patronizing this stall when it was at Joo Chiat Road/East Coast Road junction, then moved to Tanjong Katong (where the secondary technical school was) and now at this place.
    TS Tan

  12. My late mother is a Teochew Baba.The peranakan they got the Hokkien Baba,Cantonese Baba,Hakka Baba.As a Teochew Baba my mother specialise in braise duck and Kiam chye duck.Her braise duck one of its kind where is different from the hawker centre type.The concept of the recipe is modify to the addictive level.Its very aromatic and got of tinge of sweetness.Goes well with rice and porridge too.Nobody cooks like that in Singapore.Same with the Babi ponteh I mentioned earlier.I would like to share this exclusive food with Ghib and Jimmy.

  13. This bean curd place used to be operating from a corner coffee shop at the junction of Joo Chiat Road and East Coast Road and in those days, their business was extremely good. A lot of drivers would stop at the side of East Coast Road and signalled their orders and the stall helper would just bring the packed bean curds to the drivers, so it was very convenient for the drivers. But for some unknown reason, they decided to move to another coffee at the other side of Joo Chiat Road and after moving their business just plunged. After I moved out of the Joo Chiat area, I don't visit that area much anymore, so I don't know what happened to them. The few times that I passed by East Coast Road / Joo Chiat Road, I no longer saw their stall, so I thought they had closed for good. It's interesting to know that they have moved to Dunman Road Hawker Centre.

  14. Hey Ojisan, you might want to check out this small Japanese place at tanjong pagar called Inaho's Kitchen Bar. It's a true secret. Seems like only the Japanese businessmen community really know of it. Edit: nvm, it seems they could not survive the pandemic and have fully closed down.

  15. また私の知らない美味しそうなものがたくさん出てきた✨

  16. ジミーさんにジェームスさんまで登場なんて、嬉しい動画です!

  17. Thank you very much Ghib Ojisan and not forgetting Mr Jimmy Yap for your visit and endorsement, already receiving lots of your followers.Can't thank you enough, honoured! -Sincerely Frederick Puah and Team British Hainan


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