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Western Union western TV series episode pilot starring Richard Anderson this is the pilot episode of a suggested TV series titled Western Union from about 1958. This is episode 14 of The Forsaken Westerns, an original TV series produced by Westerns On The Web Productions. In this episode Richard Anderson stars as Steve Gibson, a western union man whose job it is to set posts and string the wire for the telegraph. He has to overcome many obstacles to accomplish his job. This is the only known existing episode of this show. It is a shame because it looks like this could have been a very good series. This is a rough copy a bit blurry but still watchable. It is a miracle that there is any copy of this film at all. Also in this episode are Don Haggerty, Peter Breck, Phyllis Coates and Raymond Hatton. The film editor is Irving Berlin. The Forsaken Westerns series contains episodes of TV shows that were never broadcast or have not been broadcast in as many as 65 years. Almost lost forever, these rare television film treasures are now being released and uploaded for free viewing from the archive collection. Watch full length western movies and TV shows full episodes on the Westerns On The Web channel and make sure to subscribe. The Forsaken Westerns is hosted by Bob Terry.


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