Top 5 3D Printing Gadgets You Must Have

You wont believe these 3D printing gadgets……

The Palette
Retouch 3D

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  1. Certainly Palette, Retouch 3D, and the Protocycler.

    If you don't have a 3D printer already and are on a limited budget (I'm looking at you, me) maybe the Tika, as an inexpensive starter printer.

    If you do a lot of circuitry I can see the Voltera being useful, although it looks like maybe a regular printer with Palette could do that already?

  2. That protocycler looks good for people/companies that do a lot of 3d printing. Additionally, a protocycler owner COULD SELL spools of filament to help pay for the protocycler itself.

  3. tiko looks like a basic delta design printer that's claiming to have better print quality due to being unibody. problem of course is that said body is still just plastic. it's going to have flexing issues just like any other printer. the other obvious issue with their advertising is that bed leveling is something that you rarely have to do, and it isn't hard… a properly configured delta printer with an aluminium frame will be plenty rigid, and have a much larger build area than this thing.

    oh, also just a tip: when a kickstarter 3d printer starts going on about making 3d printing easy enough for anyone to use, THIS IS A RED FLAG. what this usually means is they are going to give you simplified software, and usually the fine tuning that makes prints come out amazing will be out of your reach. you will get a mediocre printer because you're too lazy to do some simple learning.

    that being said, the delta design is still cool compared to Cartesian printers 🙂

  4. It's funny, the Tiko has hit over 29 times its funding goal and it's almost two months late, but they still keep "running into problems." I'd really like one, but it's BS that they can't just manufacture it on the same continent, as that's their main issue: trying to manufacture it in Chinese factories without having stupid issues.

  5. I am noticing a trend of list videos that feature the same products. Thanks for the poorly disguised commercial. I might have considered buying one of your products if you were honest in your approach, but not now. If I can't trust you to just own up to being a commercial out of the gate, I don't think I can trust you for much of anything.

  6. the retouch tool is not the first thing like this, but it is the first designed for 3 models, i hate the way they word shit ive had a dremel hobby versa tool for ages and it has a knife adaption, so not really the first, hot knife foam cutters and heat ropes have been around for years, all they did was made it look better and said its the first lol

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  8. I love how the guy from the circuit board thing was like "We have all been there, when you send off to get a custom circuit board from the factory." Yeah no we haven't

  9. You're not saving much with the protocycler. $25 filament vs $700 machine. You would have  to produce up to 35 rolls for it to pay for itself. Keep in mind you would also have to purchase the plastic to recycle in the first place. If it drops to $300 I might purchase one.

  10. PLA can't recrystallize after the first print. ABS can, but that limits the use of protocycler considerably.

  11. I don't know how the pallete is going to work because on my 3D printer, the color sticks around in the nozzle causing the two colors to mix.

  12. I'm getting really sick of all these "Top best cool 3d print stuff you should have" being composed almost completely of stuff that isn't even available yet

  13. The market is exploding with all these new Desk Top Printers, every house holds should have one in there home!  Keep in mind there are company's out there that can produce your product, so you don't have to buy a machine that might or might not work for you.

  14. "3d Printing is a Revolution in creativity, you can make literally anything with it, all you have to do is click print" 6:28 So – you don't need to model it or anything – just think of an idea and click print – simple as that?


    Save money by making your own filament for cheaper


    Costs $900 so if you usually buy $20 spools and make them for $5 it will take you making 60 spools of filament to make the money back! + you have to pay the $300 for the pellets for those 60 spools


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