Trying TikTok's Awful Cooking Hacks

Why did i do this? (warning: razor blades present sporadically from 10:00-14:45)

ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA (wakeup sheeple)



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herbal tea by Artificial.Music
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  1. who finds this condescending overanalytical "humor" funny/ entertaining? Yeah Jarvis, dumb videos are dumb, you don't have to pause every 5 seconds and repeat yourself for me to get it. Would have been a way more satisfying video if you actually tried to make the things work and maintained an open mind until you actually tried it.

    Maybe some brain dead folk appreciate being told what to think all the time but I would much rather see you actually answering the question you posed in the beginning instead of nitpicking dumb superficial details everyone already noticed. You are not adding anything.

    Anyway. To each their own I guess, but I will never watch this jargon again. Not a hater, just a disappointment viewer. Cheers.

  2. 21:46 the whole point of coffee is to do it first thing in the morning to wake you up if you made coffee this way you would fall asleep before you finished and you would be to tired to get up for the day that's why breakfast is supposed to be an easy cook meal

  3. Is the flaming hot cheeto one could probably work if you use it as bread crumbs rather than boiling it in a macaroni and cheese casserole. That way you get the flavor and the crunch

  4. I ate supper JUST before watching this… these people make me happy that MY home cooking is sane and by the books. Thanks, TikTok, for making people think their crazy "food hacks" make sense. I'd say "Shine on, you crazy diamonds"… but, no… you're more like inedible lumps of coal.

  5. Do you not know of the weird fetish videos on tiktok? there's a bunch, and the cameraman is always like " oh is that how? you're just gonna pour it in there? Woooahahhh!" Its apparently about doing something you aren't supposed to. The comments used to be filled with people who were into it and confused people and now its just people watching it for amusement because of how outrageous they are., I think that's why they have become so popular and that's why there are so many creators with the same kind of odd kink vibe.


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