10 Gadgets You Wont Believe Are Real

10 cool gadgets that will blow your mind!
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Since the beginning of time, humans have been natural inventors. From the wheel to the automobile to the IPhone we have always been obsessed with creating the latest and greatest gadgets to make our lives better. Right now we are in an amazing era of technological invention and innovation and each year so many new devices emerge that it can be hard to keep track. For this video we have gathered up some of the coolest ones for our list of 10 Gadgets You Wont Believe Are Real. Enjoy this video and be sure to hit the subscribe button for more brand new CBR content, every single day!

3D-Printed Casts,
Foldable Phones,
LG Signature Fridge,
Robot Chef Arms,
Dog Mind Reader,
Buhel Sound Glasses,
Sammy Screamer,
Keeo Carbon,
Smart Contact Lenses,
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Comment (23)

  1. i was thinking about how cool those electronic contact lenses would be if they could make your eyesight better, but then i realized

  2. With the eye contacts, you could be like watching a movie or something when your parents tell you to sleep or in a boring lecture. That would be so cool!

  3. A lot of Marine Corps soldiers actually have contact lenses with cameras so they can keep in touch with hq. I know because I had a substitute teacher once who showed them to us, he used to be in the Marines.


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