5 Crazy Gadgets That Give You Super Powers

5 Crazy Gadgets That Give You Super Powers
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*** The Gadgets ***
5 – Muzo https://goo.gl/KqBUPF
4 – Pyro Mini https://goo.gl/c4rGzJ
3 – Kingii https://goo.gl/B0s1Wy
2 – X15 Flamethrower https://goo.gl/r8s3am
1 – FLIR Scout TK https://goo.gl/up96fx

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5 Crazy Gadgets That Give You Super Powers

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Comment (37)

  1. 5 Crazy Gadgets That Give You Super Powers

    Me: Buys all 5 of dem

    Then i use them…


  2. 5. Overpromised.
    4. Useless.
    3. Overdesigned.
    2. Useless.
    1. Underdesigned.

    If not to mention: all of those are probably overpriced.

    0:43 Ungrateful manbitch.
    1:29 Rubber hands.

  3. The "X15 Flamethrower" a must have for the modern day Terrorist… don't waste your lighters, gas fluid & bombs killing innocent people, let our high-tech weapon do it for you, and at a very affordable price.

  4. How the heck does Kenji work? I'd think it would just hold your arm out of the water… How would it help if you fell asleep in the water or passed out? Would you just be under water passed out, and have your arm sticking out of the water?

  5. Buddies wife chopping fresh fruit, checking out online recipes. Never seen someone look so disappointed… LoL

  6. What was the point of the flamethrower at the end.
    I only see the pyro mini and the thermal goggle as useful

  7. I don't think muzo will work the way they show it here. That's BS! It may cancel the sound that the device recieve but not the sound that falls first into your ears.

  8. Finally now I can start forest fires more efficiently no more using a bic, and a bottle of axe body spray!

  9. I bet that muzo is just one of those stupid fake sound generators that make annoying birds curling or cricket's or sea side waves sound playing the same stupid annoying sound clip over and over again ,STOP LYING IT WON'T CREATE A SILENT BUBBLE OF SPACE ,I HATE BULLOCKS ADVERTS FULL OF JUMPED UP LIES


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