5 Cool Cycling Gadgets

Awesome Cycling Gadgets that will make your ride safe and comfort. Today’s zip post is all about cool biking gadgets to help you do that.

5. Ottolock
4. Lumma System
3. The Element GPS
2. Troja Bike
1. Shoka Bike

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Comment (15)

  1. Lumma looks like a great idea but fitted on the handlebars of a roadbike, will the red (rear) lights still be visible…?

  2. Agree with the comment ref Ottolock looks a great product but feel the product would benefit a key version. Element looks good, i have a problem with the watt output reading on the smart trainer the indoor trainer and Garmin. GPS lights good idea too! Thanks for the vid all the best Andy

  3. Not much point in telling me about Cool Gadgets when they are only a dream in the inventors head when they are in production that is when you promote and crowd funding is not the way to go if you want your idea in production they you give it and the patent to the venture capitalists who have the money the public don't – you cannot have your cake and eat it!

  4. "Ottolock" needs to be 5 or even six digits 3 is not enough for secure combinations why stop at three I notice a few of the newer combination locks are moving to 5 digits more difficult to pick and why not a key lock – I think that is more secure – (probably because ottolock has not been designed by cyclists?)


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