Kitchen Gadget Testing #13. Back with another batch of kitchen gadgets putting them to the test. What’s your fave kitchen gadget?
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disco washing up sponge
ice cream lock
corn stripper
avocado tool
hot dog spirals
veg slicer

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  1. i just watched the previous gagets video and you received a "cup condom" in the mail as you were making that video. you said you would show it in this video. you didnt show it and im quite interested in what it was. please show it on your new video.

  2. Hmm, I would think that butter thing would work just to make cold butter turn quickly to room temperature. Or for toast, if you don't scrape the butter off the gadget and just place the whole thing on top of the hot bread, it should melt pretty fast… I'd assume…

  3. Barry: Welcome to another kitchen gadget testing video…our first gadget is a sponge. Let's wash this dish! Me: wow! you bought a sponge! ???

  4. I'm brutal. I'd cut the bottom off and then of course have to finish the whole thing since no more lid. You can't keep ice cream from me with your fancy little gadgets, Barry.

  5. I'm so sorry, but I could NOT stop laughing after the "IT'S JUST DESTROYING MY SAUSAGE, IT'S JUST CASTRATED IT!".

  6. "Looks like Micheal Jackson, from Jackson 5…" yes Barry, I'm sure we'll know where Micheal Jackson is from without the name of his band ? (btw Ben and Jerry's doesn't make their own ice cream unless they have the cows. They have the ice cream shipped in. I know this because I used to work at Ben and Jerrys, but quickly quit and joined Cold Stone because they make their ice cream from real cream and they have a machine in the back. It is much better for you)

  7. The gadget with the hook for the can with the ring you are suppose to hook it like you did then push down after hooked. It should perform a pull on the ring like you would with your finger while using the edge of the can as leverage. My aunt uses it for the cat food and she loves it since her fingers have arthritis and she can’t pull it open

  8. The can opener for the one with the ring-pull you do what you did then you continue to roll it in the direction you were going to take the lid off


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