The BEST Gadget Backpacks You Can Buy!

What’s in my Gadget Backpack 5.0! –
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Ever watched my “What’s in my Gadget Backpack” video and wanted to make your own? These are the best backpacks you can pick up in 2016, if you’re looking for a Gadget Backpack, Travel Backpack or even an all around great backpack.

Find them here:
Ogio Bandit 17 –
Incase Icon –
Amazon Basics –
Tigernu –
Tigernu (waterproof) –
Sinpaid/Koolerpek –

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Comment (22)

  1. My man why don't you do this I'll send you the stuff I carry in one picture. And find me the best back pack for me lol

  2. Does the Incase Icon backpack have a suspended laptop compartment??? Many backpacks allow the laptop bottom to have almost direct contact with the ground if you accidentally drop it.

  3. HI what would you recommend among those backpack sir? Im actually looking for a backpack for a 15.6" laptop backpack that has a thick i mean really thick padding like 2 inch for the laptop compartment also a simple style and not very huge bag, like all item are compact and secure inside with waterproof and scratchproof proctection might be nice.

    sorry, i just want to find the perfect backpack that i would use…been 3 weeks and i havent found anything that i like

  4. Hey. If you ever do another Minimal Gadget Backpack video, I would just like to recommend the Belkin Classic Pro. If you pair it with a grid it panel, it would be very promising! very slim, light and minimal backpack – more so than your prior video 🙂


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