6 Tech Kitchen Gadgets

6 awesome tech kitchen gadgets everyone needs in their kitchen.

In this video, you will see six amazing new technologically innovative gadgets. here is a list of the techy gadgets you will see in this video:

1. Chip bag sealer http://amzn.to/2f53obT
2. Wifi kettle http://amzn.to/2f10XUj
3. Beaker/scale http://amzn.to/2fW6rBP
4. Egg minder http://amzn.to/2fW4tBD
5. Automatic bin http://amzn.to/2fWGK2Z
6. Electric peeler http://amzn.to/2fW6zBn

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Comment (48)

  1. That egg thing is stupid. Just note the date on the egg carton they come in. Pick the eggs in order they are in the egg carton start at one end and work to the other. Duh!

  2. Well, about the bin 4:25
    If you have put in something wrong and want to take it out again – does it bit your hand of?

  3. the kettle is completley pointless because while your pitting water into the kettle why dont u turn it on then and the egg thing is ridiculous and pointless

  4. Only the 1st and 3rd one seems usefull, i mean boiling 1.5l of water took arround 3 to 4 min, bacis hack would be put your kettle on, go pee, and they water is ready. For the apple just eat the skin is one of the most nutritionous part, give a good wash and it's ready. For the eggs look more like a app to check who is using egg when you are not home than when to use it,

  5. people are so lazy to have a motion activated trash can, its cool and all but its really easy to put stuff in the trash by stepping on a pad and the trash can opens

  6. Very useful vid when I find a peeler in my house I should throw it immediately throw it on the floor

    By the I am not telling u my real name

    P.S. I know I have a boys name in the comments but I am a girl

  7. You guys do know that you don't need to peel apples or potatoes, right?
    There's so much nutrition in the peels that is going to waste by peeling them.

  8. 4:25 lol I have one of those, really useful! Sounds funny but you would be surprised on how many times this helps me in a day!


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