5 Crazy New Gadgets You Can buy Online #60

Muzo – State of the Art Vibration Monitoring Sys.

Omnicharge: Smart & Compact Portable Power Bank

Instamic – The Smartest Microphone Ready to Record

Perfect Memory Camera: Precision Built, Pro Grade

iLuun: The Wireless Storage Drive For Smartphones

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  1. for the 5th product, "world first blablabla", oh really?, I just find SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 64GB, Wireless Flash Drive for Smartphones, Tablets and Computers (SDWS4-064G-G46) which have mroe than 1000 reviews on Amazon, world first, interesting.

  2. Why do you say you can buy online? Muzo is not available, still in "kickstarter" and may possibly never reach its goal, so "buy online?" – NO>
    Not wasting my time looking at the rest.

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  4. oh come on people….send me your money and i will sell you something good….maybe….one day….in the future….you have to be kidding me, selling air…..and people actually fall for it and waste their money……….not to mention the ridiculous price they are selling….the air…..lol……..sorry folks, but this kind of videos promoting something non existent is beyond me….

  5. iluun is for iPhone User, because no sdcard available 😉
    i use a 128 gb sdcard and it cost not much.. iPhone user pay and pay…and pay for Apple to give them all money 😉

  6. i like your videos they are great so even i started videos like yours
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  7. I have a good product idea and cannot find any forsale in China even tho its a crazy cheap product with armies of potential users. All it needs is branding which i have an idea for if possible.

    Action cams didnt do much until gopro branding got it. Then wow did it explode. My product isnt electrical it is kinda sanitary in an area of life most aren't sanitary and once shown the simple idea they see the potential too.

    Especially rich cities with over crowding with good branding it could take off like other little ideas with great branding making them an over night success.

    My problem is i dont have a clue what to do with my ideas.

    Heres one idea i had but lost it to another person.

    I was sick of my so called dangerous dog being attacked by so called family friendly breeds.

    So i thought a traffic light system of temprement colours basic at first.

    Green. Totally fine.
    Amber. Has dog aggression.
    Red. Stay the F back.

    Later white for deaf or blind ect ect. Till two tone colours are known.

    Branding. Being in the uk i wanted to take the idea to a charity called P.D.S.A a dog charity already invested in a way.

    Since many uk dog owners cant afford vet treatment so the pdsa help fund the vet bill. The owner just pays 15% of the bill or so. Inc dog on dog attacks which are many. So the pdsa already pays the bills for unnecessary dog fights. So would have surly supported the idea.

    Plus the pdsa are known for putting their brand on any pet items to sell in their charity shops and raise money to treat poor dogs and cats.

    If it worked and pdsa supported it. Then it would have a body behind it the govt would listen to.

    Make it a requirement by law to display a colour even if its just a ribbon on a leash. Not pdsa branded but hopefully people will flock to the pdsa branded items to support the charity.

    Govt legislation makes billionaires. If you can get a product supported by the fat kants you're golden. Which is why their families do so well.

    They open a shoe factory and cos daddy is the lord of poops daddy gives him govt contracts providing shoes to all public services. Free schools and the army alone would be a lifetime of business.

    But anyway one day browsing ebay i came across the traffic light dog collars. I asked what theyve done so far and was told they patented it. But they obviously didn't have the full idea as without pdsa or other serious dog charity its nothing special. Just an ebay stall. Which they are happy with.

    My new idea is just as good in the amount of potential users. Fills a true need i see 100s doing without regardless of wealth.

    But the majority of target audience dont just settle for run of the mill stuff. No they want highend. They want big bold brand names.

    Just like with wanting pdsa to brand it. This time its an upcoming buisness already branding products and primed to be a top shop for the items they sell and i couldnt think of a better brand even tho its small. It's literally perfect for this product. It helps their bred and butter sales.

    But i dont have a clue what to do to make the idea presentable and to whom.

    Cost per unit should be very low. $10 for premium materials each item ide guess. If it was produced in China. Its so simple it has to be so cheap to produce.

    Retail it for around $39.99 for the pack inc two.


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