7 Ways to Chop an Onion: You Suck at Cooking (episode 9)

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Onion chopping technology has come a long way since the 1940’s, but few people take advantage of it. Why is that? Ignorance. That’s why.

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  1. Oh god.. I clicked on this out of sheer boredom, actually expecting cooking tips. The name of the channel should've been a hint. I'm going to sue you for making me dizzy. Laughing too much is not good when one has bronchitis!

  2. Dislikes are definitely from people who specifically searched things like "ways to chop an onion" only to get greeted by "YOU SUCK AT COOKING YEA YOU TOTALLY SUCK" followed by a hilarious, satirical commentary from a completely inexperienced host lmfao 

    i love your channel so much please never stop

  3. I just want to say, thank you for making the silly but creative and positive content that you do. I found your video looking for a way to make cold brew coffee, but ended up finding something better (and never actually made my own cold brew). Keep doing what you do! (And can we see the doggies again, please?)


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