(FoldiMate) The gadget that can fold your laundry perfectly with robot arms

It is 32in tall and 28in wide and can fit in most laundry rooms
Users hang clothes and tell machine what type of garment it is
Will be on the market in 2018 for $700 to $850



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  1. Still can't fold several types of garments and is $850 so you might as well hire a maid and save money…

  2. I’ll wait till they invent a folding machine that you can throw everything inside in one time like you do with the washer and dryer, and then everything comes out folded, everything- including socks, underwear, sheets…
    I have a feeling they’ll find an eternal life pill before this

  3. They're not responsible for lost ,or damaged clothes! You put in laundry, and get bags of rags back out! ???


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