6 Incredible Gadgets and Life hacks

6 incredible homemade gaadgets and life hacks:
cool down spoon,simple alarm made from clothespin,dual sim
+ micro sd life hack,saw made from air freshener,mini electric
cannon and real pen gun with trigger.

Will it explode-Bottle:https://youtu.be/kpmdDv4LffM

Home theater video:https://youtu.be/zBit4giG8ng

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DIY Keychain Phone Charger:https://youtu.be/OCzJwj2R_Y4

Homemade 3Doodler:https://youtu.be/0MFmsBpYXTk

How To Make Most Secret Stash Ever:https://youtu.be/GYSc0v2ZlT8

How To Make Mini Crossbow Out Of Pen:https://youtu.be/m71tnGNVlqA

How To Make Shocking Pen:https://youtu.be/s_OCAnWMNL0

How To Make Smoke Ring Launcher:https://youtu.be/6Q6FjZYCoqo

DIY Glowing Spitballs:https://youtu.be/Uw5xprybOqQ

How To Make Cardboard Bionic Hand :https://youtu.be/R7TnonEDG6E

Monster 10,000 Lumens 1000w equiv.LED Flashlight:https://youtu.be/GKqilTOsuAw


Making 3D Hologram From Bottle:https://youtu.be/XB1lCosntvg

New i3DG Hologram for Smartphones and Tablets:https://youtu.be/2PH_WpO0_Io

How To Make 3D Hologram Projector – No Glasses:https://youtu.be/9t0cOYvOy4M

Turn Your TV Into a 3D Hologram Projector:https://youtu.be/Bpp5k0AXNTA

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Comment (39)

  1. I need a lot of things that people don't know exist and or they can't afford it I think what would it he want you to think matter Museum Muse

  2. hacking is something that you do when you don't have another option or the other option is to expensive…

    you waste your time making shit that you can buy for $0.50 at the store and you probably use more than $0.50 worth of shit to make it.

    so congratulations you're an anti hacker you spend more money rigging shit together that is less useful than what you could have bought for less money at the store

  3. mano, vou te falar, mesmo que as vezes eu não entenda quais são os materiais sou muito fã do canal, as idéias são ótimas e muito úteis

  4. if next year he buys a new phone in which sd card cannot be inserted then what will he do or in that phone slot for sd card and sim card are not the same then what will he do????

  5. A shotgun in the face is much better the deterrent if one is not invited late at night , please ensure the pump action is loud and direct.


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